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Biosero invites you to their webinar

Biosero 2020 Webinar Series: Automating Your Lab Using Green Button Go Software

About this webinar

Create a unified, accessible lab ecosystem that drives discovery forward with lab automation software.

High-level applications and processes such as LC/MS, protein purification, high-throughput screening and other methods can be automated. At this webinar, you will learn how to unlock your lab to accelerate innovation with automated processes and workflows.


Part 1: Getting Started with Lab Automation Software
Patrick Cocchiarella, Field Applications Lead, Biosero

As the COVID-19 pandemic shifts research and development priorities, automation is here to help future-proof your lab. Green Button Go Automation Scheduling Software integrates and automates cutting-edge scientific instruments and laboratory equipment from any manufacturer.

Attend the webinar and learn how to:

  • Increase throughput
  • Maximize walk away time
  • Generate reliable data for analysis and data-based decisions
  • Eliminate human error in the laboratory
Part 2: Case Study: How Alkermes Uses Software to Advance Process Capabilities
Jeffrey Martin, Head of Compound Management, Alkermes

Alkermes develops drug products and candidates for central nervous system diseases such as schizophrenia, addiction and multiple sclerosis. Jeffrey will present how the company uses automation scheduling software to strike a balance between advanced process capabilities and non-expert flexibility.

Learn how Alkermes leverages automation software to:

  • Established simple user access
  • Streamline large-volume data collection to build clean, usable databases
  • Overcome data handling errors
  • Record and share data between manual and automated processes
  • Create a fully integrated lab operation
Part 3: Live Question & Answer Discussion
Donald Chow, Applications Expert, Biosero
Stephen Dambman, Software Support Engineer, Biosero

Join us after the webinar for a live chat with Biosero's technical staff. Ask specific questions on automating workflows and troubleshooting in your lab. Learn insider tips and tricks to gain faster and better data from your workflows.


Mike Sjaastad, Director of Corporate Development and Strategy, Biosero

As Director of Development and Strategy at Biosero, Mike Sjaastad is responsible for developing marketing strategies, product planning and partner relations. During his three years at Biosero, Mike secures and maintains OEM relationships for Biosero’s breakthrough software, Green Button Go. Mike is also a member of the Biosero Strategic Advisory Board. Prior to his tenure at Biosero, Mike has 20+ years commercial experience in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry.


Patrick Cocchiarella, Field Applications Lead, Biosero

As Field Application Lead at Biosero, Patrick helps customers translate their science into an automation solution. He provides feedback and suggestions for Green Button Go software development based on customer needs. Prior to his tenure at Biosero, Patrick was a research associate in compound management at Merck & Co. where he managed automated compound management workflows for Screening and Protein Sciences department, automated data streams within LIMS systems and developed novel automation solutions to improve efficiency.

Jeffrey Martin, Head of Compound Management, Alkermes

Jeff Martin leads the compound management function and is responsible for developing and deploying technologies throughout the research organization at Alkermes. He has over a decade of experience applying robotics to science and a passion for solving hard scientific problems with technology and creativity. Jeff joined Vertex in 2015 where he was responsible for compound management and automation in Boston. Prior to joining Vertex, he served a number of roles at Biosero, ultimately leading custom robotics projects. Jeff earned a Bachelor of Arts from Assumption College and Master of Science from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, both in chemistry. 

Donald Chow, Applications Expert, Biosero

Donald applies a rich bioresearch, instrumentation and lab automation background towards understanding our customers needs and the design and development of our software solutions and work cells. He has held research scientist positions at Novartis/GNF and the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGEN), where the majority of his 20 years of pharmaceutical/research experience has utilized laboratory automation. Donald applies his wide hands-on experience to generating innovative solutions and supporting our customers. Donald holds a degree in Biology from the University of British Columbia, and in Biotechnology from the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Stephen Dambman, Software Support Engineer, Biosero

Stephen works closely with all Biosero customers to support Green Button Go software in their labs. This includes providing technical support, installation and acceptance testing as well as upgrades and repairs of integrated systems controlled by Green Button Go in laboratory and industrial accounts remotely and on-site. He is expert at troubleshooting instrumentation drivers by performing root cause analysis, including the communication between a variety of laboratory equipment. He also works closely with the Biosero software team to aid in driver development, collaborative and mobile robots, and Green Button Go testing.


Automate your process and equipment, with Biosero software. Premiere industrial & laboratory automation software and robotics integrations provider.