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How to Deliver Broadcast-Level Quality with Automated Device Testing | Bitmovin Stream Lab

About this event

Device fragmentation has become an ever-growing challenge with audiences viewing content on more devices than ever before, forcing streaming companies to support older and newer models to reach a larger audience base. Developing & testing for these device types also isn’t simple and requires extensive video workflow expertise. To solve this issue, Bitmovin has recently released its latest initiative, Stream Lab, the first automated testing solution built to simplify testing and guarantee playback quality across most devices.

This webinar will go into how Stream Lab came to be and what it is doing to make it easier for companies to launch their services on more devices faster while ensuring playback quality & functionality.

With Stream Lab, you can:

Test on older and newer devices models before supporting them

Transparent reporting anyone can use and review

Get to market faster and ensure the highest quality of experience for your audience

Guarantee ROI by saving development time, budget, and team resources

Join us to hear how.

Try Stream Lab for yourself using our Trial: https://bitmovin.com/dashboard/signup

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Adam Massaro

  • Team member
    James Varndell Product Manager Player @ Bitmovin

    James Varndell has built his career around video, helping media companies & publishers create great content & reach every viewer. Before Bitmovin, James held positions in product management & software engineering, playing an instrumental role in building software for media management & video.

  • Guest speaker
    Mario Guggenberger Engineering Manager Test Automation @ Bitmovin Inc

    20+ years of experience in software conception, architecture & development, research, project and people management. Strong multimedia background (photo, audio, video). Building specialized high-quality products that make life simpler.

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