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Applying the Next-Gen VoD Encoder to Your Video Workflow

About this event

As streaming services fight for territory and eyeballs they invest heavily to produce compelling original content, BUT no one can afford to deliver that content at a subpar audience experience.

The very competitive streaming industry is grappling with audience churn, experimenting with different pricing models and promotions to maintain its subscriber numbers.

To attain the highest level of quality, Bitmovin has the best encoder that’s supported by a variety of features. In this demo session, Technical Product Marketing Manager, Andy Francis, and Encoding Product Manager, Markus Hafellner, will walk through how to leverage the best elements of our Encoding solution.

How to:

  • Enable Multi-codec streaming by combining AVC, HEVC, VP9, AV1 and VVC. We’ll display how configure your encoding to match higher performance codecs with compatible devices, to deliver the best quality of experience for all audiences and viewing platforms, even with limited bandwidth.
  • Create a content-aware encoding workflow: No two content pieces are the same and hence should not be encoded at the same bitrate. The art of content-aware encoding is to optimize the encoding ladder to the best possible mix of quality and bandwidth efficiency.
  • Leverage quality-focused features: Cutting-edge visual experiences are business imperative for broadcasters and premium content providers. Bitmovin’s Next-Generation VOD Encoder has enhanced Dolby Vision HDR capabilities, supporting conversions to other HDR and SDR formats in a combined workflow.

Try some of these premium features on your own with a trial at the following link: https://bitmovin.com/dashboard/signup

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  • Team member
    Andy Francis

    Andy Francis is primarily involved in product marketing & planning for the Bitmovin Encoding platform. He has extensive experience working with live streaming & encoding workflows, from premium-OTT to user-generated content, and is passionate about democratizing access to streaming technologies.

  • Team member
    Markus Hafellner

    Markus owns Bitmovin's product strategy & roadmap and works closely with their Sales and Marketing teams to bring new products and features to the market. His specialties include prioritization techniques, analytics, user interviews & testing, user experience, management by influence, entrepreneurship, and mentoring.

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