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Viewer Experience: What should I do next to stand out as an OTT service?

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The most common saying (and strategy) in video streaming is “Content is king”, but that’s rarely enough to stand out in today’s landscape. As every streaming service is investing heavily in content, having the best catalog is no longer enough to capture and retain your audience’s attention, especially if they can’t unlock the content’s full potential. To set you apart from the competition you need to bring all the quality-based features to your audience. This includes things like high-dynamic-range (HDR), multichannel audio, better compression, broad device support, and cohesive viewer experiences with enhanced interactive features.

Join our latest discussion as we cover the most critical factors every OTT service needs to stand out in today's highly saturated streaming market.

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  • Guest speaker
    Christian Miccio - Moderator Product Lead/Advisor @ All Thing Product Ltd

    Senior Product executive who “knows what good looks like”. Early joiner at Shazam, former PM on Gmail and Google Maps, built large-scale payment and data platforms for Clover and Schibsted, and now helping a number of fast-growth companies increase the impact of their Products.

  • Guest speaker
    Stein Erik Sørhaug VP Sales Engineering @ Vimond

    A semi-reclusive executive with over 20 years in mobile, telecommunications, enterprise, media, and video technologies. Broad technology & business background. Strengths in growing start-ups, business development, product management, strategy, and innovation.

  • Team member
    Adrian Britton solution director (APAC) @ Bitmovin

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