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Crash Course: How to manage risks, web products & software teams in recession

About this event

The Crash Course is over now! Take a look at an insightful summary on how to cope with business risks made by our co-CEO, Anna Zarudzka: https://boldare.click/risk-management-strategy

What is this about?

This webinar series consists of three profound lessons within a Crash Course: How to manage risks, web products & software teams in recession. It aims to help companies design web product and service strategies, develop risk management tactics, and learn how to manage distributed software development teams using actionable knowledge and carefully selected, useful tools.

Part 1/3: Crisis strategies for building software, web products and online services

You will learn:
  • How to develop web and mobile apps strategically and how to secure the future of your business during this crisis.
  • How to use a Lean Startup approach to validate business ideas on the market, collect valuable data and use actionable metrics without wasting time and money and with a low risk of failure.
  • How to employ risk management as a part of your crisis strategy and how to mitigate risk and thrive.
  • What tools and processes you will need to beat the crisis.

Part 2/3: Risk management in software and digital product development.

You will learn:
  • The six major risks in software development that companies are facing at the moment. 
  • How to identify risk in software development and how to mitigate each of them, 
  • What is worth investing in when it comes to reducing risk,
  • Where to look for help with risk management strategies. 

Part 3/3: Managing distributed software development teams: lessons from the last 15 years

You will learn:
  • Which frameworks, methodologies, and processes are critical for distributed development teams,
  • How to foster the 4 critical elements of distributed software development culture: teamwork, communication, transparency and accountability, 
  • How to facilitate teams during online meetings (a step-by-step guide),
  • How to build remote tribes, rituals, and human relations,
  • How Matic (a Dubai-based startup) has built a distributed software development culture. [case study]

This course is for:

  • C-levels (CEO, CTO, CIO) who want to prepare and lead this digital revolution, 
  • Product Managers & Heads of Product who want to be more agile and ready for change, 
  • Heads of R&D departments who wish to gain an edge.

By whom?

This crush course has been prepared by Boldare’s experts based on 15-years of experience in building more than 250 digital products for 90 customers from around the globe, including brands such as sonnen (a Shell company), BlaBlaCar, Bosch, Virgin Radio, and Corel.  

Signing up

Remember! If you filled in the registration form once - you are in for the whole course.

But each time a next part is about to take place (week by week) and the countdown starts again, you need to confirm your attendance at the particular webinar (link) with an email you used during registration.

You will then receive a reminder from Livestorm with the proper link to each online meeting. See you there!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Weronika Otrębska Head of People @ Boldare

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    Karolina Kołodziej

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    Patrycja Wala Agile Transformation Guide @ Boldare

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    Issam Najm Chief Technology Officer @ Matic

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    Boldare Digital Product Design and Development Boldare

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    Piotr Majchrzak Co-Founder of Boldare @ Boldare


Boldare is a digital product design & development company and a guide on the Digital Transformation.

Boldare is the digital product design & development company and your guide on the digital transformation journey.