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Extensible Web Summit Lightning Talks

About this webinar

Bocoup is excited to partner with the Technical Architecture Group (TAG) of W3C to host a half-day unconf. TAG is responsible for coordinating cross-technology architecture and the principles of Web architecture at the W3C. This event is part of the Extensible Web Summit series.

The idea is to bring together people from a diverse set of interests and backgrounds to talk about the future of web technologies. This includes concepts put forward in the Extensible Web Manifesto but is not limited to those concepts. The event is a chance for web developers, web platform developers and developers focusing on standards to come together in an informal context to discuss new approaches, suggest new work, highlight issues and generally discuss the state of the web platform and its continued evolution.

The event is being held at Bocoup's Boston office, but we're going to be hosting a live stream of the lightening talks for anyone that is unable to attend in person. Tickets to attend in person are $5 with all proceeds being donated to Science Club for Girls; the stream is free to watch, but we request you consider making a donation to the Science Club for Girls anyway.

Lightening Talk Speakers:

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    MS G
    Matt Surabian Director of Web Applications @ Bocoup

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    Laura Powell Operations Manager @ Bocoup

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    Robo Coup


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