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Maturita Super-Speaker

About this event

Mgr. Danka Sekerková: „Yes, yes, well, I err...” and silence. You might be typically hearing such responses from common Czech students who can understand English well but have difficulty when it comes to speaking. Being obsessed with accuracy, they wouldn´t say a phrase if they weren´t at least 95% sure about its correctness. The best, but not the only, way to prepare your students for Maturita Speaking exam is a lot of practice in a “laboratory” where mistakes are permitted and serve as positive feedback. In this workshop, you will be introduced to an updated Pearson course book New Maturita Activator, which puts emphasis on systematic Maturita preparation. We will look not only at authentic Maturita speaking tasks, exam strategies and techniques, but you will also try out several practical speaking activities.

Target group: Teens

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    Danka Sekerková ELT consultant @ Ventures Books

    Danka studied English and French at Charles University and she has 12 years of work experience in teaching. She has also worked as a language auditor and presented methodology workshops for fellow teachers. Now she works as a methodological consultant and a teacher trainer.