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Booksy #MasterCrafting with Vinnie Morey: Mastering a 1930s Fade

About this event

Join Vinnie Morey, barber and owner of The Proper Barbershop in California, as he teaches how to master a classic 1930s fade in this free Booksy webinar.

Why this cut: "The 1930s style of hair introduced us to a tighter shorter fade that has a weighty connection into a much longer length on top that is able to be styled as well as worn under a hat. This was due to the economic downfall in the USA as we approached the Great Depression. People had less time and resources for the barber shop so barbers had to adapt and tailor haircuts to last better for their community!"

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Julia Yob ​Social Campaign & Webinar Manager @ Booksy

  • Guest speaker
    Vinnie Morey

    Barber and Owner of The Proper Barbershop in California


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