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Booqable invites you to its webinar

Booqable Product Tour

About this webinar

Booqable Product Tour

Learn everything you need to know about Booqable in just 30 minutes. In this session you'll discover how to set up your account and make things work for your unique use case.

What you're going to learn:

  • Which settings you need to review to get a head start.
  • The best way to add products and create custom pricing rules.
  • How to create orders and invoices (and send them to customers).
  • How you can use Booqable to receive bookings and payments via your website.

Wondering if Booqable's a good fit for your business or client? This webinar is the perfect opportunity to find out. During the sessions there's room for Q&A, and afterwards, our support team's happy to help.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Hd G
    Herman de Bruine Product Owner @ Booqable

  • Team member
    Jeffrey van der Veer Marketing @ Booqable


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Booqable is a rental software company. It's our mission to create the future of rental business.