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How to Map an Amazing Customer Journey | Pike13 & BrandBot

About this webinar

Acquire, Convert and Retain More Customers

Presented by Pike13 & BrandBot

Today creating an amazing in-person experience is only half the battle of growing your business. Customers expect great experiences to be followed up with personalized communication from the moment they engage with your business until they are a loyal customer. In fact, 76% of customers say it's easier than ever to take their business elsewhere to find the experience they are looking for [1].

Join us on May 22nd for a free webinar where we’ll show you how to build an amazing customer journey and messaging plan that ensures your customers are informed and delighted from one step of their journey to the next.

We will be covering:

  • What the different stages are in your customer journey
  • How to set up messaging to make your customers more successful
  • 5 different customer journey moments you can put in place this week
  • How to identify each stage using Pike13 data in BrandBot

Estimated Time: 30 minutes followed by a live Q&A

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    Andy Swansburg Founder @ BrandBot


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