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BRIDGERPAY PRESENTS: The Future of Payments

About this event

How we are solving all payment processing challenges forever, broadcast live from the gorgeous Pattihio Theatre in Limassol.

Processing cross-border transactions poses many challenges, both technical and financial. This is why we created BridgerPay, an end-to-end payment operations platform that allows merchants to automate their payment flows, leverage multi-provider payment processing, and rescue declined transactions in real-time. All hassle-free.

Join us live and be part of our first worldwide event. You’ll see how BridgerPay is making a real impact and solving real challenges for merchants globally. You won’t see demos or beta mockups, instead, you’ll meet businesses that are using BridgerPay to optimize costs, approval and retention ratios, and customer experience… all with a single platform.

You’ll meet the founders whose vision is revolutionizing and shaping the future of payments and get to know the world-class team that is turning the vision into reality.

Not enough? We will unveil a new, game-changing product that will empower any business in the world to scale to its full potential.

See you there 👋🏼

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Matthew Boundy Producer / Brand Ambassador @ BridgerPay

  • Team member
    Ran Cohen Co founder & CEO @ BridgerPay

  • Team member
    Yaron Hersh Co-founder & CTO @ BridgerPay


Making Payments Scale

BridgerPay is the world's first self-onboarding payment operations platform, built to automate all payment flows with a Lego-like interface and 500+ ready-made connections to local and global payment processors. It empowers any business to scale its payments, insights, and revenue.