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How to use the Pure Essential Chromatography System

About this event

Prepare to experience the power and speed of the Pure Essential Flash Chromatography System, the ideal choice for robust and reliable chromatography processes. To help you get the most out of it, we prepared a webinar with tips and tricks for simplifying your daily lab tasks.

Join our trio of specialists and gather insights on:

  • How to make the best use of the Pure Essential Flash Chromatography System
  • Tips for a more efficient purification process
  • Simple tricks on upscaling, cartridge handling, and how to improve resolution.
  • Overview of BUCHI’s chromatography portfolio for your daily needs

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  • Team member
    Birke Götz Product Manager Purification @ BUCHI Labortechnik

    I am a Global Product Manager for Purification at BUCHI Labortechnik AG and located in the headquarter in Flawil, Switzerland.

  • Team member
    Peter Naef Business Area Manager Purification @ Büchi Labortechnik AG

    As a passionate chemical process engineer, I advance science and chemistry to improve lives. With hands-on experience in discovering active pharmaceutical ingredients, process development, and drug manufacturing, I lead the Chromatography Product Line and Global Chromatography Business at Büchi.

  • Team member
    Alina Gau Application Chemist Purification @ BUCHI Laboratory Equipment

    I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Material- and Process Engineering from Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland. As an application chemist for Purification at Buchi Flawil my focus is on supporting customers in application questions and training.

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