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3D Soil, foundations and piles with FEM-Design

About this event

Learn to value the soil stiffness for different types of foundations by using the foundation functionality in FEM-Design!

Stiffness estimates of the soil behavior can in many cases have a significant effect on load distribution in the structure and consequently on the forces in the various elements. In this webinar, we go through the FEM-Design tools 3D Soil, Foundation design and stiffness points and how these can be used to best estimate stiffness in the soil.

We start from real situations and look at a suitable workflow to evaluate and choose different approaches. The types of foundations we touch on are:

  • Point-bearing piles
  • Friction piles
  • Shallow foundations
  • Combined foundations
  • Compensation plates (taking into account the excavation effect)

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Dorothee De Pauw Success Manager @ BuildSoft

  • Guest speaker
    Isak Björhag Customer Success Manager @ StruSoft


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