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Concrete cracking with Diamonds

About this event

In this webinar we will talk about the different concrete deformations you can get from Diamonds.

Apart from the well-known elastic deformation, Diamonds calculates cracked deformation and crack width for bar and plate elements taking into account theoretical and practical reinforcement quantities (possibly accounting for effects of creep). Diamonds also offers analysis of cracked deformation over time, taking into account the actual load history and the effects of creep.

Finally there is the option to take the effect of cracking into account for determining the internal forces.

What you will learn

  • Types of deformation in Diamonds
  • elastic
  • cracked (with possibly creep effects)
  • cracked over time (with possibly creep effects)
  • Reinforcement used for cracked calculation
  • Take concrete cracking into account in global analysis for internal forces
  • Practical use and input of cracked deformation over time
  • Eurocode limit values for deflections
  • Extension of the cracked theory for slabs (floors) to walls

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Dorien Elleboog Support Engineer @ BuildSoft

  • Team member
    Dorothee De Pauw Success Manager @ BuildSoft


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