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Finding M_cr with Diamonds and with FEM-Design

About this event

This joint Diamonds - FEM-Design webinar will show you how to calculate M_cr from the global linear buckling mode of beams.

In one of our previous webinars, we talked about the parameters needed for steel verification of custom built cross-sections in Diamonds. When you are dealing with custom built-up cross sections, one of the main challenges is to get a proper value for the critical bending moment. Eurocode only provides formulas for double and some mono-symmetrical cross-sections. But what if you would calculate M_cr right from FEM-Design or from Diamonds?

The obtained M_cr can be used in hand calculations or in Diamonds.

What you will learn

  • Current Eurocode limitations when trying to find M_cr
  • What is global buckling mode for a structure
  • Method for determing M_cr
  • Practical workflow to get M_cr from FEM-Design
  • Practical workflow to get M_cr from Diamonds
  • Further use of M_cr in Diamonds or hand calculations

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Bert Quintelier Account Manager @ Buildsoft

  • Team member
    Dorothee De Pauw Success Manager @ BuildSoft


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