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Fire resistance analysis with Diamonds

About this event

This webinar shows you how to do a fire analysis in Diamonds. We go over the parameters needed for the fire resistance analysis for steel and concrete cross-sections with Diamonds.

Thanks to its perfectly integrated thermodynamic finite element solver, Diamonds allows the user to perform a fire safety analysis for bothe slender and solid type of sections. Cross-section temperature distribution is calculated as the fire develops, monitoring mechanical and thermal property changes for any type of section subject to fire loads.

What you will learn

  • Fire analysis according to Eurocode
  • Thermal loading:
  • Fire protection
  • Fire curves
  • Fire duration
  • Thermal response:
  • Material properties,
  • Slender versus solid cross-sections
  • Mechanical response:
  • Steel verification & critical temperature
  • Reinforcement calculation
  • Fire analysis in Diamonds
  • Practical examples for steel and concrete
  • How is Eurocode implemented in DIamonds?

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Dorothee De Pauw Success Manager @ BuildSoft

  • Team member
    Dorien Elleboog Support Engineer @ BuildSoft


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