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Reporting with Diamonds

About this event

We go over the different reporting possibilities in Diamonds.

In Diamonds you can create 1 single report having geometry, loads and results information, or you can create a fully custom report based on multiple sub-reports. Each of the sub-reports can have it own selection of elements, point of view, content and focus.

Diamonds generates for you automatically a table of contents, based on the report’s titles. This table of contents can be made for each sub-report separately or for the selected sub reports together. At the page’s header and footer you can easily add your company name, company logo, creation date, name of the project, ... or any arbitrary text.

What you will learn

  • Basic reporting
  • Page settings: logo, header, footer
  • Representing geometry, loads and results properly
  • Window configurations
  • Project parameters
  • Advanced reporting
  • Sub-reports
  • Geometry with dimensions, label and comment
  • Detail results for a selection of elements
  • Global results for most loaded elements
  • 1 single Table of contents
  • Continuous page numbers
  • From Diamonds report to your custom report: how to join
  • Title page
  • Hand calculations
  • Additional custom pages

And a lot of tips and tricks πŸ˜€

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Dorien Elleboog Support Engineer @ BuildSoft

  • Team member
    Dorothee De Pauw Success Manager @ BuildSoft


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