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You & Finance = Cat & dog? Or bird to cat? No way! Best practices-webinar!

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You & Finance = Cat & dog? Or bird to cat? No way! Best practices-webinar!

'Show me the money! Show me the money!’ And it is probably not Tom Cruise yelling at you (Jerry McGuire), but your financial manager. But is he/she asking for profit or cash?

A financial plan is part of a business plan. And if you want to run your business successfully, you will need to understand and give meaning to key finance concepts.

In this webinar we explain the 5 reasons why businesses fail, and we explain to you how to increase your impact on the financial results of your division or company.

We give you insight into the important accounting and financial ratios, P&L and value chain calculations, forecasting and risk management. And we explain how the financial plan is linked to your strategic planning.

Realize that finance is everywhere, so understand the essentials of finance for your business, and avoid becoming a bird to the cat.

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    Mark - Business Markers Business Markers

    We make you³ grow, together: You, your team and your organization. Ambitious organizations understand they need experienced guides to grow faster and to get ready for the future.

  • Guest speaker
    Wim Brackman CFO Centrum

    Wim gets satisfaction from assisting business owners in the realization of their turning points and the implementation of their adjusted strategies within their company. In cooperation with CFO Centrum, he is now responsible for the delivery of interim CFO projects in Belgium and abroad.

  • Guest speaker
    Serge Van Eyck Partner @ Business Markers @ Business Markers

    Serge is a Smarketing guy who likes to challenge the status quo and strives for long term growth in your organization. He combines a pragmatic approach and analytical skills with out of the box thinking and creativity. He is committed to walk the talk.

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