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Election Countdown: Engaging the Audiences You Need to Win

About this webinar

With less than one month left, now is the time to put the rubber to the road. Join Resonate and Campaigns & Elections on October 15 at 11am EST for Election Countdown: Engaging the Audiences You Need to Win.

Resonate’s voter insights specialists will discuss the latest insights on the American electorate, as well as data-driven analysis surrounding the debates. We’ll get into how real-time voter data, hyper-relevant personalization and targeted digital media could be the tipping point for winning campaigns on November 3.

Time is running out. Don’t miss out on critical voter info and learn how to use it to win.

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  • Guest speaker
    Rose Elam Sales Engineer @ Resonate

  • Guest speaker
    Brent Waddington MMP – Director, Research and Operations @ Resonate

  • Guest speaker
    Gary Sherwood VP Client Solutions – Politics & Advocacy @ Resonate

  • Team member
    Shane DAprile Co-Owner & Co-Publisher @ Campaigns & Elections


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