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Grassroots Tactics to Advance Your Policy Agenda

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Having a hard time getting policymakers to listen on important issues?

For your message to cut through the noise, elected officials need to hear directly from the constituents who elected them.

By combining campaign-style tactics like patch through calls, peer-to-peer texting, telephone townhalls and door-to-door canvassing with your air and digital campaign, you can mobilize a grassroots army to advocate on behalf (or against) issues that matter most to you.

In this webinar, you’ll hear from Nicole Schlinger, President of CampaignHQ, and Ted Patterson, Vice President of Policy at Young Americans for Liberty about the highly effective techniques they’ve used to win challenging public policy battles across the country.

Learn more at www.CHQ.us and www.YALiberty.org

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    Amy Darling Events Director @ Campaigns & Elections

  • Guest speaker
    Ted Patterson Vice President of Policy @ Young Americans for Liberty

  • Guest speaker
    Nicole Schlinger Founder & President @ Campaign HQ


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