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Master Class: Expert Tips for Texting Campaigns

About this event

This MasterClass, powered by Prompt.io, will cover how to master texting large scale campaigns for engagement, fundraising, community building and more. It will equip campaigns with the essential knowledge needed to:

  • Define success and measure metrics that matter
  • Unsilo texting in order to integrate it throughout an organization
  • Segment & personalize messages
  • Test and create best & worst practices

An early adopter of conversational marketing, Lloyd Cotler has worked with some of the biggest organizations to develop engaging and successful SMS marketing strategies. He has crafted thoughtful interactive text messages for Random House, the American Cancer Society, the Get Schooled Foundation, Hillary for America, Susan G Komen, The ONE Campaign, Viacom, and more. He is the principal at Banter Messaging, a conversational marketing firm.

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  • Guest speaker
    Lloyd Cotler Principal @ Banter Messaging

  • Team member
    Sunny Khahera Marketing Manager @ Campaigns & Elections


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