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Adopting a risk-based approach to compliance and material disclosures

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Join C-Risk's next webinar on Adopting a Risk-Based Approach to Compliance and Material Disclosures  

With the increasing frequency and severity of cyber incidents, government agencies around the world are developing new cybersecurity regulations and revisiting existing ones to better protect consumers, investors and businesses.

Christophe Forêt and Tom Callaghan will discuss SEC and DORA regulations as it concerns risk management broadly and how quantification can enable cybersecurity compliance or facilitate disclosure requirements.

Some topics that will be covered include:

  • What's coming in Europe and the US for cybersecurity compliance requirements?
  • Do new cyber disclosure regulations require Cyber Risk Quantification?
  • Can you escape it if you're not a publicly traded company or a financial institution?
  • What will the trickle-down effect look like?
  • Measures to take to become compliant

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    Christophe Forêt Co-Président C-Risk & FAIR Institute Paris @ C-Risk

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    Tom Callaghan Managing Director @ C-Risk

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