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FAIR Institute London Chapter meeting

About this event

Introducing Cyber Risk Quantification into a large Organisation – A panel of global companies share their experience.

Please join us for the next FAIR Institute London Chapter meeting which will be a virtual panel discussion on building and operating a Cyber Risk Quantification program using FAIR.

The panel members are from major international companies across a diverse set of industries:

  • Shriya Bajaj - Mastercard
  • Stuart Murray - BP Launchpad
  • Mital Desai - HSBC

This will be a valuable opportunity to learn from the experience of other FAIR Institute members who are at different stages in their risk quantification journey. 

The discussion will provide concrete practical examples and advice from your peers and there will be an opportunity to ask questions. We plan to cover a broad range of topics such as how to maximise value, use cases, communicating the output of an analysis and many more.

The London Local Chapter of the FAIR Institute provides the opportunity to meet with your peers to learn from each other’s expertise and operational practices and to exchange views on possible applications of FAIR. Together, you will advance your knowledge of FAIR and expand its range of applications.

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    Christophe Forêt Co-Président C-Risk & FAIR Institute Paris @ C-Risk

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    Tom Callaghan Managing Director @ C-Risk

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C-Risk provides solutions to quantify cyber risk in financial terms, improve information security governance and optimise control investments.