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Quantifying Control Efficiency for Risk Reduction Decisions: A Control ROI Use Case

About this event

C-Risk & RiskLens webinar series on Cyber Risk Quantification and IT security controls

C-Risk and RiskLens will share our combined years of experience to help our audiences better understand Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) and its advanced challenges.

In this 3-webinar series, CRQ experts from C-Risk and RiskLens will share insights into the challenges organizations face in quantifying Cyber Risk, and success stories from existing customers.

We encourage everyone to register for all three presentations, as they will build upon one another.

Quantifying Control Efficiency for Decision Support with FAIR: A Use Case (Webinar #3)

One of the primary promises of Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) is helping security leaders make better decisions, whether concerning security investments, prioritizing remediation and development efforts, or other critical security program elements. When making these decisions, situations will arise where it is useful to understand both which controls are playing a role and which types of controls are best suited for the goals of the security team and the organization as a whole.

Join experts from C-Risk and RiskLens for a panel discussion about the benefits of quantifying the efficiency of security controls to support security program decision-making.

Attendees will hear:

  • How a quantified view of controls can assist in assessing cyber risk for security decision-making
  • The controls-specific questions and issues that arise when making security program decisions
  • How CRQ experts from RiskLens and C-Risk have helped organizations navigate control questions and make better-informed decisions

Past events:

  • Webinar #1 (Dec 13th, 2022) - Factoring IT Security Controls in Cyber Risk Quantification - click here to register
  • Webinar #2 (Jan 19th, 2023): Quantifying Control Efficiency for Mergers and Acquisitions: A Use Case - click here to register
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    Christophe Forêt Co-Président C-Risk & FAIR Institute Paris @ C-Risk

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    JL G
    Jacqueline Lebo Risk Consultant @ RiskLens

  • Guest speaker
    ZS G
    Zack Sumney Risk Consultant @ RiskLens

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    Tom Callaghan Managing Director @ C-Risk

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