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The IoT Connection: Hyperconverged Hybrid Networks: Space . Stratosphere . Terrestrial

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The Internet of things (IoT) and... the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT - industry 4.0) is a new kind of communications economy whereby, devices, objects and things generally, exchange data without human intervention. Cars talking to each other and to the surrounding infrastructure, smart grid for energy and power, sensors generating data to inform important harvesting decisions in precision farming operations and so on... the use cases are endless. Planet wide connectivity will be dependent on the hyperconvergence of terrestrial and non-terrestrial communications technologies comprising a brave new hybrid world.

Opening remarks


Industry Showcase Presentations - Industry 4.0 and The Smart Factory

Toyota Corp. (Boshoku Plant Argentina)


Bosch Production

Featured Presentations

ST Engineering iDirect


Australian Institute for Machine Learning

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