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The IoT Connection: Hyperconverged Hybrid Networks: Space . Stratosphere . Terrestrial

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The Internet of things (IoT) and... the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT - industry 4.0) is a new kind of communications economy whereby, devices, objects and things generally, exchange data without human intervention. Cars talking to each other and to the surrounding infrastructure, smart grid for energy and power, sensors generating data to inform important harvesting decisions in precision farming operations and so on... the use cases are endless. Planet wide connectivity will be dependent on the hyperconvergence of terrestrial and non-terrestrial communications technologies comprising a brave new hybrid world.

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14:00 ... Opening Remarks


Paul Stahl, Executive

14:05 ... Space Enabled IoT and Industrial Use Cases

​​ST Engineering iDirect

The Case for Satellite IoT – A Closer Look at Three IoT Use Cases

Michael Minchin, Head of IoT Product Management

Synopsis: This presentation will explore the new use cases and market opportunities that are emerging with the advent of Satellite IoT technology, drawing on three use cases in Smart Agriculture, Green Energy and Critical Infrastructure & Environmental monitoring, to highlight how Satellite IoT can be leveraged in those markets to drive business growth, optimize operations and conform with regulatory compliance. We will also discuss the various requirements and considerations associated with Satellite IoT connectivity solutions.


Extending the Coverage of the IoT with Standard 5G Devices

Jaume Sanpera, Chief Executive Officer

Synopsis: Sateliot is launching the first 5G IoT constellation that allows seamless connectivity with standard 5G NB-IoT devices. The Sateliot business model and technology allows the mobile operators to offer of full coverage with the same low-cost devices today are using in the current cellular coverage. The digitalization era arrives to remote places.

14:45 ... Showcase Presentation: Machine Learning – Past, Present, and Future

Australian Institute for Machine Learning

Luke Heffernan, Special Projects Officer

Synopsis: The impact of machine learning and other types of AI on our world is growing, evolving, and yet, not nearly as new as it may seem. We offer a conceptual understanding of this technology, address some common mistakes, and suggest where the industry may lead next. We will build on this with practical use cases, examples of success and failure (in development and application) and provide general rules of thumb when exploring ML technologies.

15:00... Industry Spotlight - The IoT Revolution in Manufacturing... Industry 4.0 and The Smart Factory

​​General Motors

Digital Twin and the Industrial Metaverse

Brian Breuhan, Senior Manufacturing Engineer - Advanced Technology

Synopsis: Presenting a brief history of digital twins and who the key people are developing the concept, examining what makes up digital twins and how they are maintained through the digital thread linking them back to the physical asset. Featuring two automotive use case examples and one non-automotive example covering full production, logistics and the reach for the pie-in-the-sky industrial metaverse. Finishing with the future development of the Industrial Metaverse and who some of the early adopters are of this new virtual manufacturing concept.

Mudita Strat-agei

Lean & Industry 4.0 Integration – Achieving Manufacturing Excellence

Ravi Ramarao, Executive Partner

Synopsis: A brief on Industry 4.0 and setting the context on establishing Lean as the base... explaining why and how Process Excellence needs should be addressed drawing on practical case studies of integrating various IT Systems within the organization to have coherent data collection and control for Synchronous Manufacturing.

Toyota Group. (Toyota Boshoku Plant Argentina)

Simple DX at the Plant Floor, how Smart and Cheap Digitalization helps to Reduce Muda

Martin Lopez, General Manager Manufacturing

Muda is a Japanese word meaning "futility", "uselessness", or "wastefulness", and is a key concept in lean process thinking such as in the Toyota Production System (TPS), and refers to time or resources rather than wasteful by-products and should not be confused with Waste reduction.


IIoT & Kaizen: the Japanese Philosophy of Waste Reduction in the 4.0 Factory

Camilla Bananni, Founder Robotika and Industry Business Development Lead - EMEA, Oracle

Synopsis: This session outlines the several analogies between IIoT-driven digital transformation and the philosophy of continuous improvement and waste reduction that inspired Toyota's technological revolution decades before, across several use cases from 4.0 industrial world.

16:30 ... Close

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    Michael Minchin Head of IoT Product Management @ ST Engineering iDirect

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    Ravi Ramarao Executive Partner @ Mudita Strat-agei

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    Paul Stahl C21@c21-virtual.com Executive @ c21-virtual

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    Brian Breuhan Senior Manufacturing Engineer - Advanced Technology @ General Motors

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    Jaume Sanpera Founder and CEO @ Sateliot

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    Luke Heffernan Special Projects Officer @ Australian Institute for Machine Learning

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    Camilla Bonanni Digital Transformation Consultant/Founder @ Robotika

  • Guest speaker
    Martin Lopez General Manager Manufacturing @ Toyota Boshoku Plant (Argentina)

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    Lisa Hammitt Chairwoman @ Intelsat


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