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Remote Working in France: Keep Up to date with Regulation and Data Security Risks

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How to overcome your risks of remote working in France? A glance at labor law and data security matters.

While remote working has been defined under French law for a long time, especially considering impacts on foreign workers sent to France for dedicated missions, the recent sanitary crisis of COVID-19 has tremendously extended such phenomenon.

The French government, as many others, has therefore strengthened applicable legislation and has been concerned, along with European and national authorities, about how to effectively secure data for remote working employees.

As a matter of fact, after the first lockdown, that caught many economic players off guard, it highlighted the lack of technological, security and regulatory conditions for the implementation of remote working. A new National interprofessional agreement was agreed on last November, and some lessons have been drawn from massive security breaches.

Come and check with us if your current internal policies incorporate, or not, the latest developments in these areas!

An international webinar animated by Pauline Ducoin and Delphine Monnier.

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