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How to Layer Sales into Your PLG Motion - Calixa Demo

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How to Layer Sales into Your PLG Motion

Join Calixa for a demo on how GTM teams sell into inbound signups

With product-led growth, you can't maintain the status quo of a traditional enterprise sales motion. It requires a shift in mindset, skills, tooling and even comp.

Join our demo to discover how Calixa’s purpose-built platform and workflows help you find and grow revenue from your signups.

Stephen Moock—former sales engineer at Mixpanel and now Calixa’s Head of Sales & Success—will share how to use Calixa to run your Product-Led Sales motion at scale.

What you'll learn...

✅ How to operationalize your GTM motion for PLG

✅ How to use product insights and customer fit to prioritize PQLs

✅ Best practices when scaling Product-Led Sales workflows

This event is for...

Sales, GTM, and RevOps teams ready to maximize revenue from their self-serve funnel.

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    Stephen Moock Head of Sales and Success @ Calixa


Turn signups into revenue

Calixa gives your sales team the product insights and workflows they need to prioritize, close, and grow accounts in their self-serve funnel.