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New approaches to building powerful timelines - Connected Insights (Americas)

About this event

We’re working on new ways to visualize time data, and want to share our progress with you.

Connected data investigations often involve a time element, from decades-long criminal cases to digital forensic reports unpicking events with millisecond resolution.

Building graph visualizations that show a time dimension is a difficult challenge, and there are countless approaches you might choose.

In this session, we’ll showcase some revolutionary new ways to represent time across all our products, and ask you for feedback.

Along the way, we’ll cover specific topics including:

  • Synchronizing graph behavior with time data visualizations
  • Enriching your graph visualizations with KronoGraph
  • Managing time-based investigations at scale
  • Combining intuitive high-level views that help the user dig into the low-level detail.
  • Communicating key messages and adding your own insights

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    Dan Williams Head of Product @ Cambridge Intelligence

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    Courtney Collins Product Manager @ Cambridge Intelligence

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    Bonney O'Hanlon Product Manager

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