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Visualizing geospatial data - Connected Insights (EMEA+APAC)

About this event

We’re working on our next generation of map visualization tools, and need your feedback.

In this session, we’ll explore the challenges and potential when visualizing geospatial connected data. We’ll show what’s possible today, and share some new ideas and inspiration for building insightful and interactive map views into your own products.

Some of the specific topics we’ll cover include:

  • Avoiding chart clutter, even with huge data volumes
  • Presenting location at all levels of granularity, from precise connections to global flows
  • Representing event-driven data, like cellphone movements
  • Exploiting multi-layered information, with geofencing, heatmaps and annotations

This is a future technologies event – focusing on current industry challenges, and previewing cutting-edge prototypes, allowing our customers to shape our roadmap and share ideas for future features and tools.

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    Bonney O'Hanlon Product Manager

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    Dan Williams Head of Product @ Cambridge Intelligence

Cambridge Intelligence

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