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Visualizing huge datasets - Connected Insights (Americas)

About this event

Beautifully designed visualizations are useless if the end-user performance doesn’t hold up.

This session is a deep dive into data visualization performance, exploring ways to ensure a great user experience even with the biggest datasets.

We’ll review common customer challenges and the best practices we recommend. Then we’ll share the next-generation tools and approaches that we’re researching to keep your visualizations running at blistering speed.

Some of the specific topics we’ll cover include:

  • Existing best practices when handling large datasets
  • New and innovative approaches to summarizing data before you bring it to the front end
  • A first look at some next-generation tools we’re researching to keep performance high when working with large datasets

This is a great chance to steer our roadmaps and help us deliver the data-handling capability you want and need.

This is a future technologies event and a knowledge-sharing session. We’ll look at current challenges, and share best practice advice and previews of cutting-edge prototypes we want to get your thoughts on.

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    Kevin Naughten Product Manager @ Cambridge Intelligence

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