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Canvass Analytics invites you to their webinar

Reskilling Manufacturing with AI

About this webinar

Covid-19 has sent a thunderbolt in manufacturing. Learn how manufacturers are reskilling their workforce with AI to meet the challenges brought on by the pandemic.

Pressure is being felt across all industries to transform their operations to meet today’s new challenges. It is now critical to enrich the workforce with the digital skills to take control of their operational data and derive impactful operational insights faster than ever. In this live webinar, Humera Malik, CEO of Canvass Analytics and Michael Gardiner, Manufacturing Industry Solution Executive from Microsoft, will discuss how manufacturers that reskill their operational teams to unleash the power of AI will institutionalize best practices and foster a digitalized workforce.

In particular, learn how an AI-empowered manufacturing workforce can:

  • Enhance workforce effectiveness
  • Improve system resilience
  • Increase operational effectiveness

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  • Guest speaker
    Michael Gardiner P.Eng Manufacturing Industry Solutions @ Microsoft Canada

    Michael Gardiner leads Microsoft’s digital transformation initiatives in the Canadian manufacturing industry. In his current role, he provides guidance on Industry 4.0 and helps manufacturers enhance engineering and production processes using IIoT, Intelligent Cloud & Edge computing, and AI.

  • Team member
    Humera Malik CEO @ Canvass Analytics Inc

    Humera Malik is CEO of Canvass Analytics, a software provider that makes AI accessible to industrial engineers. Internationally, Ms Malik is one of the leading voices in Artificial Intelligence and how it can help manufacturers to propel growth, accelerate innovation and augment human expertise.

  • Team member
    Greg Swift VP Sales @ Canvass Analytics

Canvass Analytics

Canvass is an industrial predictive analytics platform that connects artificial intelligence with operator expertise to optimize assets, improve process reliability and elevate workforce productivity.