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Environment Makes the Difference 🌱

About this event

Poor Dracula! He hasn’t really lucked out with his internship…

When it comes to thriving at work, the most overlooked factor isn’t job fit or pay…. it’s environmental fit.

Once we understand how important and how personal environmental factors are, we can really start to design work that suits the talents of each unique individual in our business. And create a place of work that will withstand approaches from competitors with tempting offers.

In this exciting class, you will discover:

★ Why environment is the ’secret sauce’ you want to attend to

★ A simple way to fine tune each person’s career and role to match their unique DNA

★ How to align the output of career conversations with the process of making your business better, for everyone

The masterclass is one of a series based on themes from Erica Sosna’s upcoming book for career development professionals.

The Career Equation® is part guide, part handbook, and part mentor – outlining four crucial components for a fulfilling career.

Read and discover how to use this seemingly simple word equation to support your people to transform and realise their full potential. You can find more at www.thecareerequation.com.

Register for the masterclass and you have the chance to win a signed complimentary copy of the book 🎁

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Hosted by

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    Erica Sosna CEO & Creator of The Career Equation® @ EricaSosna Ltd

    ★ Author of Your Life Plan (Wiley) and the forthcoming Career Equation (2021) ★ Career coach, leadership consultant and speaker on the future world of work ★ Clients include: Capital One, Mastercard, Savills and Dassault Systemes

  • Team member
    Zoe Schofield Senior Careers Consultant & Coach @ EricaSosna Ltd

    ★ Experienced private and public sector manager and transformation agent ★ Loves to help people thrive in their careers and explore who they are when at their best ★ Clients include: The Open University, AXA Group, SONY & Dorset Council

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