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Career Matters invites you to their event

New Year • New Career ✨

About this event

It’s 2021! We made it through 🥳

No doubt the events of the last 12 months have got you thinking.

If life is too short to stay on a job you don’t like, join us for a practical and energising session to get you on your right career path.

Our unique Career Equation® has enabled hundreds of people, all over the planet 🌍 to move into work that matches their DNA.

Join us and together we will discover:

★ Why most of us struggle to make confident career decisions

★ How to gain career clarity at speed

★ What first steps you need to take to make the right career move in 2021

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Zoe Schofield Senior Careers Consultant & Coach @ EricaSosna Ltd

    ★ Experienced private and public sector manager and transformation agent ★ Loves to help people thrive in their careers and explore who they are when at their best ★ Clients include: The Open University, AXA Group, SONY & Dorset Council

  • Team member
    Erica Sosna CEO & Creator of The Career Equation® @ EricaSosna Ltd

    ★ Author of Your Life Plan (Wiley) and the forthcoming Career Equation (2021) ★ Career coach, leadership consultant and speaker on the future world of work ★ Clients include: Capital One, Mastercard, Savills and Dassault Systemes

Career Matters

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