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Ten business and technology priorities for launching an OTT service

About this event

Competition in OTT is brutal and many new SVOD and AVOD platforms fail to realise their full potential. Join Caretta Research's team of expert industry analysts as we reveal the critical success factors for maximising the success of a new streaming service and avoiding disaster.

Caretta's analysis of dozens of streaming platforms in multiple markets identifies a repeatable set of factors for the success stories and commonly-made mistakes that can threaten an entire streaming business model.

From optimising the business model and content catalog, to the device coverage needed, to partnering and platform strategies, this live webinar will share the must-dos and wave the red flags over the common mistakes to avoid:

  • How successful platforms are maximising the impact of their content catalogue.
  • Sustainable revenue models, whether it's subscription, advertising or hybrid.
  • Optimal strategies for device coverage, billing and aggregation partners.
  • Crucial technology platform components.
  • Whether build, buy or partner is the best platform approach.
  • How to balance investment between marketing, content and platform.

The webinar is non-commercial and non-sponsored, and Caretta's analysts will be presenting their candid take on the market to help guide technology decision-makers.

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  • Team member
    Tom Morrod Research director and co-founder @ Caretta Research

    Tom has been a technology industry analyst for 15 years prior to starting Caretta Research. His expertise is in media technology, ad tech for video, telecoms and transmissions infrastructure, consumer devices, video platforms, media and smart cities.

  • Team member
    Robert Ambrose Co-Founder and Research Director @ Caretta Research

    Rob is a consultant, analyst, writer and technologist advising international broadcast and media companies and technology vendors. As co-founder of Caretta Research, Rob works with a team of leading analysts focusing on technology buyers, project priorities, budgets, decisions and choice of vendors.

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