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Democratizing Data Discovery

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You’ve heard the term “data democratization” before, and it’s only getting more popular. The idea is simple: it’s about giving business teams access to data to help them make data-driven decisions autonomously.

That said, there’s many factors at play to make data democratization a reality. One element that’s vital to success is a thoughtful approach to knowledge sharing - this is where data discovery comes in.

In this live-online fireside chat, join Carson Wilshire and Tristan Mayer as they share key insights on the journey to data democratization. Together, they’ll share practical tips that meet you where you are - whether you’re just getting started or looking to level-up your existing strategy.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn how to kickstart your data democratization journey and set your team up for success.
  2. Understand how a good data discovery approach can benefit data democratization efforts.
  3. Unpack how bringing a product development mindset to your data efforts can help.

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  • Guest speaker
    Carson Wilshire Sr. Analytics Manager @ Branch Insurance

    Carson is Sr. Analytics Manager in the data office at Branch Insurance, a full-stack insurer using data, tech & innovation to make bundling home and auto insurance easier & less expensive. In his role he leads a team of analysts who support the insurance product and back-office functions to deliver on strategy and meet the data needs of the business. Prior to Branch, Carson held numerous data and digital solutions roles at Nationwide Insurance, completed his MBA from Ohio State, and is a six-year veteran of the U.S. Army.

  • Guest speaker
    Tristan Mayer Co-Founder and CEO @ Castor

    Tristan Mayer is the Co-Founder and CEO of Castor, a smart data catalog that helps companies improve their data experience through data discovery, community, and health. Prior to Castor, Tristan was a data scientist himself, giving him a first-hand understanding of the challenges that data teams face when trying to find, understand, and use their data. Tristan holds a Master's in Data Science for Business in a joint degree from École Polytechnique and HEC Paris.


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