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Castor invites you to their webinar

Coming soon: A brand new look for Castor EDC!

About this webinar

You might have heard the news - a brand new Castor look is coming! We are introducing a new navigation in the app for a more modern design and intuitive user experience. This has been a big project with major technical implications so it took us some time to bring this to our users, but we are finally there and excited to share a preview with you!

Together with our Product Design Manager, we will walk you through the coming changes while also explaining the underlying rationale and what this means for you as a Castor user.

We will also mention new functionalities that are also coming up and we will answer any questions you might have relating to the change.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Chris Pattison Product Design Manager @ Castor EDC

  • Team member
    Elena Kochova, MD Senior Customer Success Manager @ Castor EDC


Faster, smarter, medical research.

Castor is an health-tech company founded by Derk Arts, MD, PhD to leverage machine readable data to increase clinical trial efficiency. Castor’s Clinical Data Management System enables every researcher worldwide to easily capture and integrate medical research data from any source in real-time.