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Building a Case for Support | Key Trends & Fundraising FYIs

About this event

What’s this webinar about?

Donors have a limited amount of funds and attention to give in a year - but what do you do at a time where the world feels smaller than ever, and you’re worried about your message being drowned out by the noise of everything else going on? You need to establish a solid case for support to set your organization apart. By reframing how you communicate your mission and the importance of your work, your organization’s narrative can be heard through all the noise - whether it’s election campaigns, environmental emergencies, or competing causes. 

Learn how to develop your case for support and leverage your volunteers to ensure your organization doesn’t lose focus or funding in a noisy year. 

Some questions we’ll explore:

  • How do I establish an airtight case for support?
  • How do I prove my nonprofit’s mission is equally deserving of funds or attention when that money could go to a candidate, competing cause, or emergency? 
  • How can I reinforce the urgency of donating to my org? 
  • How do I respond when a donor says supporting another candidate, cause, or issue is more pressing?
  • How can I recruit and leverage volunteer talent to attract donors already inundated with appeals, campaigns, causes, and calls to action? 

Why should I watch?

Do any of the following apply to you?

  • I’ve noticed a decline in revenue but don’t know how to get back on track
  • I’m struggling to grab my donors’ attention 
  • I need help kick starting my 2020 fundraising strategy
  • I want to hear from a seasoned development professional on how best to tackle the challenges associated with fundraising in a noisy year
  • I am worried that we will lose donors to competing causes and issues

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Marissa Ferber Director of Program Development @ Catchafire

    Marissa brings 10 years of nonprofit and management experience, building and hiring effective teams of both employees and volunteers. At Catchafire, she manages our Customer Success and User Engagement teams, helping to ensure our all of our users have the best experience.

  • Team member
    Jean Dorak Manager, Nonprofit Engagement @ Catchafire

    Jean (they/them/their pronouns) has worked in the nonprofit sector for a decade, specializing in development and board management. At Catchafire, Jean advises and builds relationships with nonprofit members on how best to leverage the platform to fulfill their missions.


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