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Catchafire invites you to their webinar

Ultimate Getting Started Workshop

About this webinar

Let us show you around!

Join Catchafire's team of Nonprofit Advisors for an hour-long webinar that will walk you through the basics of your membership and exactly how to match with skills-based volunteers who are ready to donate their time and expertise to you.

This session will boost your confidence and give you concrete skills to identify the right project(s) to address your capacity-building needs. Q&A will be available throughout the webinar. Plus, live chat will connect you with other nonprofits committed to being more effective and sustainable.

The FAQ's we'll be sure to answer:

  • What is Catchafire & what is included in my membership?
  • What projects can I post?
  • Who are the skills-based volunteers & why do they volunteer?
  • How have other nonprofits like mine been using this platform?

You'll learn how to:

  • Create your profile
  • Invite teammates
  • Post a project
  • Match with a volunteer

Preparation: Your Catchafire membership is fully paid for thanks to a generous funding partner in your community. If you're unsure who is sponsoring your membership, we kindly suggest searching (or digging) in your email inbox- there's a wealth of helpful context in those emails! Contact us if you need help.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Jean Dorak Manager, Nonprofit Engagement @ Catchafire

    Jean (they/them/their pronouns) has worked in the nonprofit sector for a decade, specializing in development and board management. At Catchafire, Jean advises and builds relationships with nonprofit members on how best to leverage the platform to fulfill their missions.


Where talent meets purpose.

Catchafire.org is a full service, on-demand solution designed to address the wide-ranging and complex needs of nonprofits by connecting them with skills-based volunteers.

Through Catchafire’s marketplace, nonprofits have access to capacity-building projects and a community of volunteers.