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Upgrade your Fundraising

About this event

Individual donations account for 70% of all charitable giving. Raising money from all sides, from your elevator pitch to social media, and the more obvious efforts like your donor letters and partnership proposals, will create a financial runway you need.

We’ll explore the most effective forms of fundraising and how skills-based volunteers with finance, corporate partnerships, and marketing talents are ready to invest their time in your fundraising efforts.

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  • Guest speaker
    EB G
    Emily Bottie Senior Manager of Community Development @ American Cancer Society - Manhattan

  • Guest speaker
    DC G
    Dave Cotugno Associate Director of Development @ Cradle to Crayons

  • Team member
    Tyler Manley Nonprofit Advisor @ Catchafire

    Tyler has 10 years in the nonprofit sector. From Americorps to Food Justice, Tyler specializes in Donor Relations, Digital Marketing, and Membership Strategy. At Catchafire, he consults nonprofits on how to leverage the talent of their supporters in order to elevate their missions.


Where talent meets purpose.

Catchafire.org is a full service, on-demand solution designed to address the wide-ranging and complex needs of nonprofits by connecting them with skills-based volunteers.

Through Catchafire’s marketplace, nonprofits have access to capacity-building projects and a community of volunteers.