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Social Media for Nonprofits | Building & Maintaining Your Online Presence

About this event

What's this Webinar About?

Social networks are one of the most influential tools to engage with the general public and bring light to challenging issues in our communities. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram all enable nonprofits with limited resources to get a message out to their community and reach large audiences.

Today, social media is about so much more than your follower numbers, especially when it comes to marketing your cause and mission. To get results on social media, you need to know what you want and how to get there. We'll explore a manageable way for you to post content and create a campaign that converts your followers (no matter the count) to take action. 

Some questions we'll explore...

  • I've tried all the channels, what one should I be using?
  • I don't have content to post every single day. Should I be on social media at all?
  • What about detractors and negative comments? It makes me nervous.
  • I'm a nonprofit on a budget. Can I afford paid ads?

Why Should I Attend ?

If any of the following describes you or your organization, you should come:

  • I want to hear from a social media manager working in cause marketing and social good.
  • I don’t have the time to post content every day but I need to know how to create a short-term campaign when I need it.
  • Social media is intimidating!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Jamie Badia Senior Marketing Manager @ Catchafire

    Jamie is a mission-driven marketer leading campaigns that cover email, social and press. Prior to Catchafire, she worked at Teach For America creating branded campaigns and cross-channel strategies, believing deeply that the hardest challenge in cause marketing is simply getting the message out.

  • Team member
    Tyler Manley Nonprofit Advisor @ Catchafire

    Tyler has 10 years in the nonprofit sector. From Americorps to Food Justice, Tyler specializes in Donor Relations, Digital Marketing, and Membership Strategy. At Catchafire, he consults nonprofits on how to leverage the talent of their supporters in order to elevate their missions.


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