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Tips for a Website That Converts 🖥 | Design, Content, and Marketing Ideas

About this event

What's this Webinar About?

Have you ever resisted sending someone to your website because of the way it looks or feels? Have you been putting off a redesign because of the estimated costs and time sink? Have parts of your website been “under construction” for longer than you’d like to admit?

It’s time to cross “improve website” off your to-do list. We’ll help you name the primary goal of your site, understand the work that’s needed to achieve your goal, and identify the types of talent who can help you get it done. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for a much needed facelift, let us help you make a website that matches the power of your mission.

Some questions we'll explore in this session...

  • Tackling the website feels hard 😥, where do I start?
  • What kind of talent 🤓😎🧐can help me with my website needs?
  • What’s the goal of my website? How can I optimize the design to serve it?
  • What's a CMS? Should I be using one? 🤔What other tools should I be using?

From breaking down multi-step site updates to selecting the right tools and plug-ins, we'll explore the most effective strategies and common questions about the power of your website to drive donations to your nonprofit, and how volunteers from copywriters to coders to designers and SEO experts can help.


Why Should I Attend ?

If any of the following describes you and your organization, you should come...

  • We don't have a website or want to start from scratch with a new one.
  • We have a website, but want to do a big update and /or manage regular updates.
  • Our website is awesome, and we want more people to see it!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Ed Urgola Chief Product Officer @ Catchafire

    Ed is the Head of Product at Catchafire, where he leads the technology, product and marketing teams working to serve our nonprofit and volunteer users across the globe. He has spent the last 10 years of his career building web and mobile products for nonprofits and for profit companies.

  • Team member
    Tyler Manley Nonprofit Advisor @ Catchafire

    Tyler has 10 years in the nonprofit sector. From Americorps to Food Justice, Tyler specializes in Donor Relations, Digital Marketing, and Membership Strategy. At Catchafire, he consults nonprofits on how to leverage the talent of their supporters in order to elevate their missions.

  • Guest speaker
    Arielle Trankle UX Designer @ Catchafire

    Arielle is a multi-disciplinary designer who constantly asks “how” and “why” people think and feel the way they do, and aims to create solutions for those assumptions that balance memorability, usability and aesthetics.


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