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Solidarity Among People of African Descent (SAPAD)

About this event

The objective of this webinar is to start a meaningful dialogue and encourage the African Diaspora to look forward. History is a reminder that things happened and we cannot change that fact. However, we can look each other in the eyes and recognize that we need each more that we do admit. I am just doing my part and I hope you will join me.

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  • Guest speaker
    VW G
    Valerie Wehiong-Batta Cross-Culture & Diversity Specialist

    Valerie W. Batta is currently based in Durham, NC, where she works for a major State owned University. She has studied, intensively, worked and lived in three different continents as well as the Caribbean. Mrs. Batta is a professional Mediator and specialized in issued related to culture and diversity. Her education background includes a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Germany and a Master of Art from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX and the learning continues; Mrs. Batta is a certified mediator and offers mediation sessions to those in need.

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