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Staff Retention and Recruitment: Rebuilding Through Remarkable Recruiting and Retention Practices

About this event

As many programs look to rebuild different aspects of their centers, ensuring programs are recruiting and retaining high quality Educators is at the forefront to ensuring overall program success. How can you find the right Educators for your program? Furthermore, how can you retain the high-quality Educators you have and keep them motivated and excited to lend their passion to their work every day? Join us in this webinar, as we uncover strategies on how to rebuild through remarkable recruiting and retention practices in your program.

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    Kimberley Zanon Quality Initiatives Mentor-RTBP @ Child Development Resource Connection Peel

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    Melanie Araujo QI Mentor @ CDRCP

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    Professional Learning Team CDRCP

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    Linda Safar- QI Mentor Quality Initiative Mentor @ CDRCP

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    Mirella Mete Quality Initiatives Mentor @ CDRCP

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    Kiranpreet Kaur

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    Jacqueline Cook QI Mentor @ CDRCP

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    Andrea Thomas


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