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Celona invites you to their webinar

Getting Started with Private Mobile Networks

About this webinar

In our previous webinar series, we have heard from our attendees that simplicity of deployment for indoor cellular coverage is key to accelerate the adoption of CBRS based enterprise wireless networks. Join Celona’s CTO Mehmet Yavuz, VP of Marketing Ozer Dondurmacioglu and Director of Solutions Engineering Andrew von Nagy as they demo Celona’s Network Planner, dive deeper into practical use cases, share notes on CBRS certified devices and answer few frequently asked questions:

  • How do I configure a mobile device so that it connects to a CBRS network?
  • What are the specific models of CBRS certified devices in the market?
  • Which use cases are these devices used for, and within which verticals?
  • What are the SIM and subscriber management options for these devices? 
  • How do I integrate a CBRS network to my enterprise IT infrastructure? 
  • How many CBRS radios do I need for capacity and coverage?

Hosted by

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    Andrew von Nagy Director of Solutions Engineering @ Celona

  • Team member
    Mehmet Yavuz CTO @ Celona

  • Team member
    Ozer Dondurmacioglu VP of Marketing @ Celona


Via its go to market partners and unique product architecture, Celona simplifies the adoption of LTE/5G based private mobile networks in the enterprise. Tune in to join the discussion on how business critical devices and apps can be enabled with predictable performance on enterprise wireless.