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NPS in Healthcare: All you need to know

About this event

Join healthcare professionals like yourself in our upcoming webinar, where we dive deep into Net Promotor Score (NPS) and the key patient experience drivers.

We also share insights from a leading private hospitals provider on the key factors that make patients highly likely to recommend their services.

Content Covered:

  • Understanding NPS: Learn what Net Promoter Score is and how to calculate it.
  • NPS in Healthcare: Discover the relevance and value of NPS in the healthcare industry.
  • Limitations of NPS: Explore the challenges and limitations of using NPS within healthcare settings.
  • Driving Continuous Improvement: Gain insights on leveraging NPS data to foster continuous improvement in patient care.
  • Industry Benchmarks: Compare your NPS against industry standards and benchmarks in healthcare.
  • Improving NPS and Patient Experience: Identify the key drivers of patient experience, and how to improve your score.

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    Emma McKenzie Director of Customer Success @ Cemplicity


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