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Census invites you to their event

Why Reverse ETL? How Census works in your data ecosystem today and beyond

About this event

Join our Chief Product Officer, Sean Lynch, and one of our Customer Data Architects, Donny Flynn, to learn the philosophy of Census in the Data Engineering Ecosystem.

They'll share what they've seen and learned with best practices for data ecosystems, as well as briefly talk about Hex, Great Expectations, PagerDuty, dbt, Airflow, Prefect, Snowplow, Mixpanel, and more.

You'll learn:

  • The vision, future and real value of Census, #1 Reverse ETL tool
  • Dive into the complexity of how Census works under the hood:
  • Resiliency, observability, alerting
  • How Census works with dbt, Airflow, Prefect, data orchestration tools, and your data ecosystem
  • Our API is interoperable with even your post-modern data stack

Register now and ask live Q&A with our product lead and one of our customer data architects.

This event is for 👉 data teams, modern data stack aficionados and data experts who want to do more and make the most of their data ecosystem, maximize the impact of their business operational tools, and drive better business and customer outcomes.

What are you waiting for? Register now, with your work email to get handy reminders, and ask your questions early to engage with us live, plus get the recording afterward.

And, we get it if you can't make it. You'll get a link to this event on-demand afterward, plus a chance to ask any follow-up questions to the speakers in the official Operational Analytics Community. 😎

Hosted by

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    M C Flamingo Events Lead @ Census

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    Sean Lynch CPO @ Census

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    Parker Rogers Data Community Evangelist


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