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Sync with Confidence: Live Debugging for Reverse ETL

About this event

See observability in action: Stay ahead of data surprises!

Join Census for a live product showcase of warehouse-centric observability for all your Reverse ETL pipelines.

Sr. Sales Engineer Justin He and Product Marketer Katy Yuan will discuss why Census is the #1 most observable reverse ETL platform, then dive into a demo of a live debugging workflow for a Salesforce sync.

They'll share how to audit individual records, troubleshoot API rejection reasons, and investigate data discrepancies using Census's built-in observability features. No more 5 o'clock data disasters!

You'll learn:

  • How data quality enables Operational Analytics
  • Live demo of observability under the hood:
  • Sync Logs
  • Sync Dry Runs
  • API Inspector
  • Custom Alerting
  • Invalid / Rejected Records

Register now for a live demo and Q&A with our product experts or read more about Sync with Confidence and Census's observability suite.

This event is for 👉 data teams, modern data stack aficionados and data experts who want to do more and make the most of their data ecosystem, maximize the impact of their business operational tools, and drive better business and customer outcomes.

What are you waiting for? Register now with your work email to get handy reminders, ask questions early to engage with us live, plus get the recording afterward.

And, we get it if you can't make it. You'll get a link to this event on-demand afterward, plus a chance to ask any follow-up questions in the official Operational Analytics Community. 😎

Hosted by

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    Justin He

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    M C Flamingo Events Lead @ Census

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    Katy Yuan Product Marketing Manager @ Census


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