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#2 OA Series: Operational Analytics for Sales

About this event

Learn how Operational Analytics enables Sales Teams to focus their time on high-value conversations and leads.

Join data expert and Customer Data Architect, Donny Flynn, as he shows you how to get your 360 customer view into CRM tools like Salesforce as well as learn the key differences between Operational Analytics and iPaas.

"Our salespeople don’t want to look at 10 different tools to understand what our users are doing. The system we’ve built with Census brings the data right to their fingertips so they can focus and spend more time with customers." - Kyle Parrish, Head of Sales @ Figma

Learn how you can answer these common sales and CRM questions, and more:

  1. How has a user been interacting with the platform?
  2. How many workspaces are associated with a company?
  3. Who are the company’s power users that should be reached out to?

This event is for 👉 anybody who wants to act on trusted data, maximize the impact of their sales tools, and build better customer relationships.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Donny Flynn Customer Data Architect @ Census

    Previously Head of Data @ Owner.com and Chiper

  • Team member
    M C Flamingo Events Lead @ Census

  • Team member
    Katy Yuan Product Marketing Manager @ Census


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