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Operational Analytics: How to start taking action on your data

About this event

As data warehouses become highly available, multi-cloud, and massively scalable, they are ready to step in and take the place of traditional enterprise middleware, as well as solving the “last mile” problem in analytics projects.

Similarly, data warehouse developers and analysts have truly begun to adopt robust software delivery practices, as evidenced by the booming popularity of dbt. 🤩

As ETL tools become commoditized, these data practitioners find themselves closer to the operational & commercial actions and with a greater ability than ever to impact the day-to-day business.

⚡ This is where Operational Analytics comes in.

In this session, you will learn.

  • What is Operational Analytics in practical terms
  • How it can help you at your day job
  • When is Operational Analytics not a good fit
  • What are the actions you can take this week to start implementing Operational Analytics

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    Boris Jabes CEO @ Census

    CEO & Co-founder of Census


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